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Guardian™ Construction

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Core Colours:

2 core – Brown and Blue
3 core – Brown, Black and Grey
4 core – Blue, Brown, Black, Grey

Guardian I.S.273 and BS8436 IEC 61034-2 BS EN 50267-2-I BS EN 60332-I, IEC 60332-I

Guardian™ is manufactured under IDH Cables’ Quality Management. BS EN ISO 900I-2000 system which is certified by BASEC & LPCB.

Guardian™ Cables are manufactured to I.S.273 and BS8436.
Guardian™ Cables have been tested and approved by ERA, ERA and BASEC approved.

Guardian™ Cables comply to the following performance standards:

Smoke Emissions IEC 61034-2
Acid Gas Emissions BS EN 50267-2-I
Flame Retardent BS EN 60332-I, IEC 60332-I
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