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Guardian™ - Mechanically Protected Cables

IDH Guardian™ is now BASEC approved

IDH Guardian™ is designed to meet the requirements of the new 17th Edition Of The IEE Wiring Regulations Clause 522.6.5. The Safe light weight easy to install answer to safety and protection of cables installed in partition walls, ceilings and floors. Basec have approved Guardian™ cables to BS 8436 and IS 273. Approval cert 1 » Approval cert 2 »

Complies with new wiring regs clause 522.6 for cables concealed in a wall or partition at a depth of less than 50mm.

IDH Guardian™ is a new fixed cable concept that has been specifically developed against the ever-changing requirements and pressures placed upon the Electrical Services.

Guardian™, manufactured under IDH’s Quality System certified by BASEC and assessed by LPCB, is constructed with recognised British Standard materials. However, it sets new cable performance standards including impact and nail penetration capabilities. These capabilities have been independently assessed by the national recognised cables division of ERA Technology.

Guardian™ is very user friendly, easy to install lightweight cabling system.

It is a robust yet pliable multi-purpose cable, including a full sized circuit protective Conductor for electrical circuit protection; it uses the latest in Low Smoke, Halogen free material technology. Amongst it’s many benefits, Guardian™ offers greatly reduced electrical interference through the use of an aluminium screen, which also assists in giving the cable a good level of impact resistance.

With the speed and ease of installation when compared to traditional cabling systems, e.g. small armoured cables and cables within a conduit, Guardian™ offers a solution which, in the right applications, will greatly reduce installation times and minimise installed costs.