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Guardian™ Features & Benefits

"Guardian™ when used in the right application can help to save up to 30% on installation time compared to traditional cables".

Ease & speed of installation including simple termination techniques Reduced installation times when compared to traditional cabling systems.
Pliable yet robust. Offers impact resistance, retains it’s shape when bent and dressed.


There are times when it is not possible, or extremely difficult, to use trunking or conduit as a means of offering cable protection as called up in BS7671, ‘Requirements to Electrical Installations’ – IEE Wiring Regulations –16th Edition, e.g. low ceiling voids.

Guardian™ by nature of it’s design can withstand a short circuit fault current –e.g. if a nail or screw should accidentally penetrate the cable and a live phase conductor. It will successfully operate and 40A Type B current breaker, to BS EN 60898, instantaneously.
Lightweight, up to 60% less weight and 20% less space required than traditional small armoured cables. Easy to handle and install, lighter cable tray could be used for multiple layers of cables.
Aluminium screen. Reduced electrical interference and compatible with EMC requirements.
Can be installed on many surfaces and within different building structures. Flexible in the applications it can be used for.
Full sized CPC Compliance with BS7671 earthing requirements.
Compatible with expanded Polystyrene thermal insulation PVC – sheathed cables must be in a conduit when adjacent to polystyrene.
Under new wiring regulations Guardian™ screened cables can be installed in all locations in thin partition walls There are restrictions on the location of PVC house wiring cables when used in thin partition walls.
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