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NEW Kilflam™ 1000

A single core fire resistant cable designed for use in steel conduit. Meeting the tough requirements of BS6387 CWZ when tested in conduit. The cable is manufactured using high performance mica tapes wrapped around the conductor and insulated with thermosetting halogen free low smoke insulation. Available in Blue, Brown, Black, Grey, Green/Yellow or other as requested.

Kilflam 1000 LPCB APPROVAL to BS 6387

Kilflam™ 1000 Single Core Fire Resistant Cable



Area mm² Conductor
No of strands/mm
MICA Tape Min. Width (mm) Conductor Resistance
ohms/km @ 20°C
Mean Insulation (mm) Nominal cable
Diameter mm
Spark Test
1.5 7/0.53 8mm 12.1 0.70 3.3 9kV
2.5 7/0.67 10mm 7.41 0.80 3.75 11kV
4.0 7/0.85 12mm 4.61 0.80 4.3 11kV
6.0 7/1.04 14mm 3.08 0.80 5.0 11kV
10.0 7/1.35 18mm 1.83 1.00 6.8 13kV

Fire Resistance: Meets the requirements of IEC331 and BS 6387 C, W and Z when tested in steel Conduit
Smoke Emission: Complies with low smoke emissions as of BS 7211
Acid Gas: Meets acid gas emissions of BSEN 50267 with an HCL level <0.5%
Flame Retardance: Meets BS EN 50265-2-1
Temperature Range: Can operate in the range -25°C to 90°C
Construction: Conductor Plain annealed copper to BS 6360 class 2
Fire barrier Mica covered conductor
Insulation: Low smoke zero halogen to BS7655 - E15
Supplied Lengths: 100 and 500m - other lengths available on request
Colours: Brown, Green/Yellow and other colours available on request
Approvals: LPCB Approved to BS 6387 C, W and Z when tested in metal conduit