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NEW 201Y™ CPC Insulated Earth Cable

6193Y PVC/PVC flat twin with insulated earth 300/500v cable.

  • Irish Wiring Regulations (ET 101) now require that a full sized and insulated (G/Y) earth conductor replaces the previous reduced size bare CPC
  • For use in general fixed installations
  • Cannot be used externally
Solid or stranded plain annealed copper wire (Class I or II) to BS EN 60338
Insulation: PVC.
Sheathing: Grey PVC (black or red on request).
Core: Two core with insulated CPC.
Core Colours: Green/yellow, brown and blue.
Approvals: IS 201-4: 2013 BASEC
Code Designation: IE-NO5VVH4-U & IE-NO5VVH4-R
Normal Voltage: 300/500V

All our cables are manufactured with materials which are compliant with RoHS and WEEE directives.