Kilflam™ Enhanced 3000

This is an enhanced grade fire resistant cable for use in the toughest of environments. Made with superior low smoke zero halogen materials. The cable meets the requirements of BS7629, BS 6387 CWZ, BS EN 50200, BS 8434-2 and BS5839-1 Clause 26.2 PH 120 ‘Enhanced’.

Kilflam™ 3000 Enhanced standards approved:

BS 7629-1:2015 ENHANCED 120
BS 6387:2013 (Category CWZ)
EN 50200:2015 (PH120)
EN 50200:2015 Annex E
BS 8434-2:2003 + A2:2009 and BS 5839-1 Clause 26.2e

Kilflam™ 3000 Enhanced Grade Fire Alarm Cable

No. of Cores2223344
Conductor Area mm²1.
No. of Wires1771717
Nom Diameter of Conductor mm1.370.670.851.370.671.370.67
Nom Insulation Thickness mm0.700.800.800.700.800.700.80
Nom O.D. mm9.4010.71110.2111113.2
Min Bend Radius mm60657060707080
Cable Weight kg/km131.25188.11269.78166.81225.37192.44271.16
Max Conductor Resistance 20° C ohm/km12.17.414.6112.17.4112.17.41
Max Conductor Resistance 70° C ohm/km14.58.85.514.58.814.58.8
Capacitance (Adjacent Cores) PF/km951001009510095100
Capacitance (Core to Screen) PF/km180190190180190180190

Kilflam™ 3000 Enhanced Grade Attributes

Colours:White and Red Sheath, are standard, other colours available on request.
Packaging:100 and 500 meter drums: Cable Dispenser and other packaging and lengths available on request.
Cable Description:A hard skinned, triple fire barrier cable.
Approvals:LPCB Approved. This cable has been designed to meet the requirements of BS5839-1 'Enhanced Grade' BS7629, BS6387 CWZ, BS EN 502000. Class PH120, BS8434-2:2003
Key Applications:The use of cables with 'enhanced' fire resistance is recommended for systems, in particular building types, in which cables might need to operate correctly during a fire for periods in excess of those normally required for single phase evacuation of a building. Examples are unsprinklered high rise buildings with phased evacuation arrangements and premises of such a nature or size that areas remote from the fire could continue to be occupied for a prolonged duration during a fire that might then damage cables serving parts of the fire alarm system in occupied areas.