Kilflam™ CIC

Designed to meet the requirements of UL2196 when tested in conduit. Available in both shielded and unshielded versions.

Low smoke zero halogen insulated fire-rated twisted pair cable for protection of critical fire alarm circuits.

IDH Kilflam™ CIC fire alarm cables are designed to be 2-hour fire-rated to UL 2196 and ULC S139 when installed in conduit and in accordance with the requirements of the relevant U.S. and Canadian codes. IDH Kilflam™ CIC meets the survivability requirements for fire alarms circuits as outlined in the National Fire Alarm Code (NFPA 70), and the Canadian National Building Code. Install in accordance with the details described in Electrical Circuit Protective System (FHIT), System No. 26 of the UL Fire Resistance Directory.

IDH Kilflam™ CIC fire alarm cable connects the data-gathering panels (transponders) throughout the building and the main fire alarm panel.

Flexible IDH Kilflam™ CIC utilises a tubed jacket, making it the easiest cable on the market to terminate – no special tools required.

Applications include the main trunk or “backbone” of multiplex alarm systems in high-rise buildings and institution, and from each data-gathering panel to the point they enter the notification zone being served.

Kilflam™ CIC Twisted Pair Specification


Ordinary Locations
2-hour fire-resistive cable
2-hour fire- resistant cable
*When installed in ¾” minimum EMT (or RMC) conduit utilizing steel set screw fittings

Conductor Size (AWG)Number of conductorsNominal conductor diameter in (mm)Nominal cable diameter in (mm)Cable weight (lbs/1000 ft)Maximum conductor resistance (ohms/1000 ft)Nominal capacitance (pF/ft) conductor-conductorNominal capacitance (pF/ft) conductor-shield
I820.040 (1.02)0.313 (7.95)486.6462446
I620.051 (1.29)0.329 (8.36)684.1772954
I420.064 (1.63)0.362 (9.19)832.6253361
I220.081 (2.06)0.398 (10.00)1151.6524074

Cable Standard Designation

Cable Type:Standard
NPLF (150 V):UL I425
FAX 90:CSA C22.2 No.208

Shielded Specification

I8I8/2-10000.040 (1.02)
I8I8/2-10000.040 (1.02)
I6I6/2-10000.051 (1.29)
I4I4/2-10000.064 (1.63)
I2I2/2-10000.081 (2.06)

Cable Construction

IDH Kilflam™ CIC can be found in the following applications:

  • High-rise buildings, for fire alarm and voice communication systems.
  • Hospitals and other institutions where mobility is limited, for emergency communication systems.
  • Tunnels and subways, for the emergency voice communication system.
  • Airports, stadiums, hotels, banks, etc.
Jacket (tubed):Low smoke, zero halogen polyolefin
Insulation:Silicone rubber
Conductor type:Copper
Insulation voltage rating:300 V
Utilization voltage:72 V
Conductor size:18-12 AWG
Number of conductors:2
Unshielded cable Binding tape:Glass tape with flame retardant

Shielded Cable

Shield:Al foil
Drain wire:18-12 AWG tinned copper