IDH Cables supply a full range of fire resistant cables under the umbrella of the KIlflam product range. The product range comprises unarmoured fire resistant cables for use in fixed wiring installations where the cable is required to maintain circuit integrity in the event of a fire. Applications include emergency systems in public buildings such as alarms, lighting and sprinkler systems.

The Kilflam range includes includes Standard’ and ’Enhanced’ grades which are designed to comply with the requirements of the stringent British Standards BS7629-1, BS5839, BS EN 50200 PH30 / PH60 / PH120, BS7846 and BS6387 CWZ PH120.

Kilflam 1000 is LPCB approved.

Kilflam Standard 2000 and Enhanced 3000 products are BASEC and LPCB approved.

Kilflam™ 1000

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A single core fire resistant cable designed for use in steel conduit. Meeting the tough requirements of BS6387 CWZ when tested in conduit.

Kilflam™ Standard 2000

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A multi core fire resistant alarm cable. This cable is our standard grade material. The Kilflam™ Standard cable is made from the very best of materials and has excellent performance when compared with any of the alternatives.

Kilflam™ Enhanced 3000

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This is an enhanced grade fire resistant cable for use in the toughest of environments. Made with superior low smoke zero halogen materials. The cable meets the requirements of BS7629, BS 6387 CWZ, BS EN 50200, BS 8434-2 and BS5839-1 Clause 26.2 PH 120 ‘Enhanced’.

Kilflam™ CIC

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IDH Kilflam™ CIC fire alarm cables are designed to be 2-hour fire-rated to UL 2196 and ULC S139 when installed in conduit and in accordance with the requirements of the relevant U.S. and Canadian codes. IDH Kilflam™ CIC meets the survivability requirements for fire alarms circuits as outlined in the National Fire Alarm Code (NFPA 70), and the Canadian National Building Code. Install in accordance with the details described in Electrical Circuit Protective System (FHIT), System No. 26 of the UL Fire Resistance Directory.