FumeGuard™ Construction

FumeGuard™ cables are rated to a maximum sustained conductor operating temperature of 90°C. This giving FumeGuard™ cables a better current rating capacity, Table 4E2A of BS7671 Wiring Regulations, and hence provides the opportunity for using a reduced conductor size when compared to 70°C rated low smoke zero halogen or low smoke fume cable equivalents.

6181B, 6241B, 6242B and 6243B Insulated and Sheathed Cables

BASEC Approved to BS7211

Used for surface wiring in power and lighting applications. Sheath has UV Protection against direct sunlight.


Area mm²
Mean overall Diameter mmConductor
ohms/KM @
1.01/ x 8.654.60 x 9.7018.10
1.51/1.374.454.55 x 8.804.75 x 11.4512.10
2.51/1.775.055.40 x 10.505.46 x 13.407.41
4.07/0.856.056.10 x 12.00-4.61
6.07/1.046.606.90 x 13.80-3.08
10.07/1.357.908.40 x 18.50-1.83
Operating Temperature:90°C
Colours:White as standard. Other colours available on request.
Cores:2 core, Blue and Brown, 3 core Brown, Black and Grey.
Packaging:50 and 100 metres. Other lengths available on request.