Guardian™ Features & Benefits

A single core fire resistant cable designed for use in steel conduit. Meeting the tough requirements of BS6387 CWZ when tested in conduit. The cable is manufactured using high performance mica tapes wrapped around the conductor and insulated with thermosetting halogen free low smoke insulation. Available in Blue, Brown, Black, Grey, Green/Yellow or other as requested.

Latest Update

Irish Wiring Regulation ET 101 now requires that a full sized and insulated earth conductor replaces the previous reduced size bare CPC. The product 201Y has been developed to meet these requirements.

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IDH Cables (formerly Irish Driver-Harris) has been manufacturing electric cable for over 80 years in Wexford, Ireland

IDH supplies to the construction industry, Railway and Original Equipment Manufacturers worldwide. We currently supply our cable in Ireland, UK, Central Europe, Middle East, Far East and North America. IDH cable has been used in various high profile landmarks all over the world.

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